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Feb 032012

Casalasafor, selling property in the La Safor region of Valencia Casalasafor is an estate agency specialising in the sale of property in the Gandia area – a small and charming region on the coastline of Valencia Province comprising a range of villages and small towns, the capital of which is Gandia.

La Safor is notable for the range of properties for sale in the area – which have a variety of prices and designs, making them attractive to foreign buyers and inland Spaniards alike. This is something recognised by Casalasafor and what helps to make Casalasafor (as a local estate agency) effective in selling properties – as Casalasafor sells property not just to foreigners but also to the Spanish. This is combined with the significant Internet presence that the director of Casalasafor has, as the web master of Culture Spain (a highly regarded authority information site on Spain).

Of course, the past few years have made selling property in the Gandia area difficult. Indeed, few people would argue that the property market in Spain has been tough, nor that sellers of property in La Safor have not also suffered.

However, Casalasafor has continued to sell properties around La Safor area throughout the Spanish property crash and, as a consequence, is constantly in need of quality properties (of all prices) to sell.

In fact, over the past few months, there has been a marked increase in enquiries from Northern Europe, with buyers requesting information about townhouses in Oliva and Villalonga and properties in Rotova, Potries, Marxuquera and Ador. Meanwhile, the demand for quality villas on the estates of Monte Corona, Monte Pino, Monterrey and Tossal Botes continues. Well priced villas in a La Drova, needless to say, remain popular, with the Barx area somewhere attractive to anyone wanting great views and the convenience of living within 15 minutes of Gandia and the Blue Flagged beaches of La Safor.

As a ‘soon to be broadcast’ programme from ‘A Place in the Sun’ will show, Gandia is a largely unknown destination for many foreign buyers. However, that is set to change and now is a good time to take advantage of what may be a new foreign buyer interest in the Gandia area. This may well make properties in Gandia and its surroundings more saleable than they have been for several years, in which case having them listed with Casalasafor – may well turn out to be an inspired move!

Sellers of properties in the La Safor area can contact Casalasafor here to list their property for sale and this is normally achieved very quickly with properties usually loaded onto the site within 24 hours. So, whether you are Spanish or English speaking, if you are trying to sell your property in the Gandia area get hold of Casalasafor – and enjoy the best possible chance of selling your home quickly!

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Are you selling your property in la Safor or within the Gandia area? If so, then you need Casalasafor, the local estate agency that successfully sells property internationally.