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Coffee in Spain seems to be a ubiquitous drink and one that can be enjoyed virtually wherever you go. Better still, the coffee in Spain is invariably delicious. Certainly, there can few greater pleasures than sitting outside a Spanish bar with a sparkling blue sea in front of you whilst having a sociable cup of coffee. This is bliss – particularly when combined with the fact that rarely in Spain are you ever rushed. So, you can sit with a single coffee (costing around 1.40 Euros) and relax in a way that is quite impossible within the frenetic atmosphere of Northern Europe or the US.

The thing is that, away from the big cities, Spanish life is slower and more relaxed than in Northern Europe and the US. In provincial areas, the word ‘tranquil’ (calm) seems to appear in most conversations and slow, long lunches and relaxed coffee breaks are a way of life. Certainly, I have never been hurried over a coffee in Spain and frequently I have enjoyed every minute of reading right through a newspaper having had a single cup of coffee. To have had more was not expected and, to be honest, not needed.

After all, coffee in Spain is something to be savoured. To have a proper espresso machine is de rigeuer for any bar, café, restaurant or hotel and to be served over-brewed filter coffee or (Heaven forbid) instant coffee would be to insult the taste buds of any self-respecting Spaniard. In fact, after eight years in Spain, I have only ever been offered a cup of coffee in Spain at a Spaniard’s home twice. On both occasions, they had their own espresso coffee machines and I suspect that if this was not the case then no coffee would have been offered. When it comes to espresso coffee machines they are available for the home if you are an aficionado of great coffee – although I prefer not to have the hassle and go out for a coffee. In terms of commercial espresso coffee machines, these are available from a number of coffee machine manufacturers.

Living in Spain, I am biased (obviously) and would recommend a look at the espresso coffee machines made by Crem International in Gandia, Valencia Province whose brand name Expobar you will have seen on many espresso coffee machines in cafes and bars around Spain. These have a good reputation as being both robust and reliable.

Coffee in Spain, Crem International, espresso coffee machines, coffee machine manufacturer, Expobar Great coffee in Spain is de rigeuer with almost every bar having an espresso coffee machine.

Incidentally, if you want your own espresso coffee machine then drop Carolina Arbona a line (she speaks fluent English and Spanish) and she will tell you more…

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